Supporting the Mental Health of Medical Graduates in the Post-Pandemic Era- Strategies for Success


  • Bhavika Agrawal
  • Aakanksha Pitliya



Medical graduates, post-pandemic era, mental health, stress, psychological disorders, medical fraternity wellness


The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the
mental health of the entire world especially the frontline
workers such as medical and paramedical staff. Even
though the medical field is considered a highly
demanding job, the pandemic brought its challenges.
The uncertainty of a new virus along with its effects on
the human body, patients presenting with varying
severity, long working hours, the psychological burden
from isolation, and mortality have caused several
mental health issues for healthcare workers. Many
studies conducted have shown significant psychological
disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, and
even post-traumatic stress disorder in many healthcare
workers. The post-pandemic era has opened our eyes to
address and recognize these issues faced by frontline
workers. It has become vital that we promote mindful
practices among healthcare workers, remove the stigma
around taking help for mental health issues and create
an environment where workers can easily take up
counseling services for these issues. To maintain the
effectiveness of the healthcare system, it has become
important to seriously consider mental health issues
faced by frontline workers and work diligently to
improve their mental health.