Role of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease A Systematic Review


  • Sumedha N. Unnikrishnan
  • Yeny Y. Chavarria
  • Adebisi O. Akindele
  • Ana Paula C. Jalkh
  • Aziza K. Eastmond
  • Chaitra Shetty
  • Syed Muhammad Hannan Ali Rizvi
  • Joudi Sharaf
  • Kerry-Ann D. Williams
  • Maha Tariq
  • Maitri V. Acharekar
  • Sara Elena Guerrero Saldivia
  • Sathish Venugopal



Chronic kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, glomerular filtration rate, blood pressure, mortality


Chronic kidney disease(CKD) is defined as an EGFR(Estimated glomerular filtration rate) < 60 ml/min/1.73 m2 or an EGFR ≥60 ml/min/1.73 m2 together with albuminuria (≥30 mg/g).It causes significant mortality and morbidity. It is a silent killer. The prevalence of CKD has been increasing worldwide. There are many established risk factors for chronic kidney disease, the two most important ones being hypertension and diabetes mellitus(DM). In this systematic review, we aim to know the roles of hypertension (HTN) and diabetes in the progression of chronic kidney disease. We did a detailed search on PubMed and found 1216 articles screened, and finally, 20 articles were chosen for study. As we analyzed, we observed that most studies showed that diabetes and hypertension have a positive association with the progression of CKD, even though the exact mechanism or link has not been explained in the studies we reviewed.