Mastering the art of teaching as a doctor and how to make it easier done than said.


  • Simranpreet Singh



Doctor, physician, teacher, teaching, importance of teaching, teaching skills


Being a doctor is often equated to being a teacher, primarily known for passing our clinical acumen to the ones behind, at the same level, or even higher than us on the career ladder. Being a doctor offers a fantastic opportunity to build teaching abilities, be it in medical school, residency, or even after being an attending physician. We become instructors as we pursue careers in medicine. While instructors interact with students often, many teaching opportunities are lost due to several common factors, including a lack of time, appreciation, proper structure, motivation, and a heavy clinical burden. But these challenges can be overcome by adequate compensation, self-reflection, enrolling in teaching training programs, considering as a teach-back method, and for developing critical thinking ability by indulging deeper into the subject matter as and when a question arises. Using different teaching methods in our learning experiences can go a long way in enhancing individual knowledge, skills, and attitudes of our students which results in better training of the medical professionals, leading to enhanced patient care and positive outcomes.