USMLE attempts and impact on IMG to get into residency match


  • Israa Juburi



According to many experts, USMLE exams are the most difficult exams that a medical students will ever take and it is the exam that managed by the National Board of Medical Examiners  (NBME).

To be licensed to practice medicine in the United States, all medical students should pass all steps of the USMLE. IMGs form 25% of all the healthcare providers in the United States. Many Facts indicate that some IMGs provide better patient outcomes than US practitioners.

Many of IMGs or even US medical graduates have USMLE attempts. These attempts will affect their residency application
and chances to get interviews which most of IMGs are concerned about it.

It is important for the IMG applicants who are having multiple attempts to know that it is not the end of medical residency
match and there is no direct filter for USMLE attempts instead it’s a programs preference.

This article discusses important tips to overcome USMLE attempts and improve their chances of securing an interview and subsequent match.