The Physician's Hourglass: Maximizing Time for Better Healthcare


  • Hassaan Tohid MBBS
  • Surmai Shukla MBBS
  • Divyanshu Dhamija MBBS



The Physician's Hourglass: Maximizing Time for Better Healthcare


Time management constitutes a skill that can be
acquired. Worldwide, experts have articulated
numerous time management techniques through
written and spoken discourse. In this article, we shall
delineate the top seven time management skills.
Embracing these competencies stands to benefit
fledgling doctors, not only in their capacity as medical
practitioners but also within the realms of their personal
Research indicates that the practice of effective time
management serves to diminish stress levels and
enhance performance, both among students and
professionals alike. By immersing oneself in the
acquisition and cultivation of these time management
aptitudes and habits, one not only attains a gratifying
sense of achievement but also attains mastery over the
orchestration of one's life. Furthermore, this endeavor
may yield improvements in overall workplace
performance, mitigating workplace stress and thereby
bestowing upon the individual a profound sense of selfsatisfaction.