Emotional Intelligence in the Era of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Professionals


  • Vagisha Sharma
  • Harendra Kumar




Emotional intelligence, Artificial intelligence, Medical professionals, Healthcare integration, Cognitive-emotional balance, Technological advancements


In today's rapidly increasing healthcare industry, the
combination of emotional intelligence (EI) with artificial
intelligence (AI) has significant consequences for
medical practitioners. Emotional intelligence, including
the capacity to perceive, understand, and manage
emotions, is emerging as a critical advantage for
medical practitioners, particularly as AI technologies
augment clinical operations. This abstract analyzes the
different dynamics of EI in the context of AI integration,
demonstrating its significance across multiple fields. As
more medical professionals collaborate with AI-powered
systems, a delicate interaction between human
emotional intelligence and AI's analytical brilliance
emerges, necessitating an acceptable balance.
Furthermore, the impact of EI on crucial aspects of
medical education, practitioner-patient interactions,
and overall job satisfaction is investigated. This abstract
emphasizes the imperatives of strengthening EI talents
despite technological development, advocating for a
harmonious integration that supports both the cognitive
and emotional parts of healthcare practice by
recognizing the synergies and potential conflicts
between EI and AI.