Examining the Psychological Burden of Diabetes Mellitus: The Association and Relationship between Depression, Anxiety, and Diabetes Mellitus. A Systematic Reviewr


  • Zahra Ali
  • Abdelrahman Ahmed Abaza
  • Aneeque Jamil
  • Sai Dheeraj Gutlapalli
  • Marya Khalid Ali
  • Mrinal Jaya Prakash Oble
  • Shamsun Nahar Sonia
  • Sherie George
  • Srushti Rajesh Shahi
  • Pousette Hamid




: Diabetes Mellitus OR Hyperglycaemia AND Depression AND Anxiety AND Stress


Diabetes Mellitus is a global health issue, and the rising
prevalence of depression and anxiety among individuals
with diabetes poses a significant concern. Metabolic
disturbances in diabetes can potentially impact
psychological well-being. The study aims to determine
the prevalence of depression, and anxiety, and explore
the relationship between these mental health conditions
and diabetes. A comprehensive search was conducted
on PubMed and Google Scholar using MeSH terms and
keywords. Articles were selected based on predefined
inclusion criteria, and a rigorous quality assessment was
performed by two independent authors. Crosssectional, case-control, systematic reviews, and metaanalysis studies investigating the association between
diabetes mellitus, depression, and anxiety were
included. After careful quality appraisal, twelve articles
were selected for inclusion in the study. These studies
were of high quality, some have limitations and a
moderate risk of bias.