Will Probiotics Be a Game Changer in the Treatment of Recurrent UTI? – a Short Review


  • Dr. Zareen Zohara




Recurrent urinary tract infection, Probiotics, Lactobacillus, Drug Resistance, microbiota, Antibiotic Prophylaxis


The most frequent condition primary care doctors
address is recurrent urinary tract infections (RUTI) in
both men and women. RUTI is defined as occurring at
least three times in the past year or twice in the past
six months. This is a serious health hazard for women.
Even though there is a wide range of antibiotics
available for the treatment of bacterial urinary tract
infections (UTIs), due to the development of antibiotic
resistance, chronic UTIs are now the subject of debate.
This review focuses on the connection between probiotic
use and the management of recurrent UTIs and offers
recommendations for using probiotics as a substitute to
lessen the likelihood of adverse medication reactions.
After reviewing a number of studies, it was determined
that probiotics might be a better choice than antibiotics
given their advantages over disadvantages.