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If we define our aim in one word, it’s “Service”. Our mission and aim is to serve science, scientific community, students, doctors, patients, & readers by providing correct and accurate scientific evidence-based information. Our goal is to be recognized as the journal that serves people and supports merit and publishes high quality articles with correct and accurate scientific information.

We also aim to serve science by providing maximum visibility of articles published in the journal by making them available to all the readers.

The JIMG also serves the authors by providing fast speed publication in 30 to 60 days while maintaining diligent peer review process. All articles are submitted online, and peer review is conducted electronically to operate a transparent peer review system for the authors to increase transparency. The reviewer's reports are provided to the authors before publishing.

Another aim of JIMG is to provide economical online publication platform for IMGs where many journals charge a handsome fee of thousands of dollars, JIMG publishing fee is nominal under 250 USD to 300 USD per article. We give IMGs the opportunity to not only publish their articles but also join our team of reviewers and editorial board members.

JIMG also serves the reviewers by paying reviewers for their service of reviewing articles. We are the first journal according to our knowledge that pays reviewers per article fee for reviewing the article. In a nutshell, JIMG serves all parties involved in the process of writing and publishing.


The journal targets medical students, doctors, clinicians of all fields, patients, research scientists, and readers worldwide. We equip international medical personnel with the necessary knowledge at the comfort of their homes.

JIMG publishes original articles (clinical trials, and observational studies), review articles (traditional reviews, scoping reviews, mapping reviews, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis), letters to the editor, opinion articles, idea article, editorial articles, animal studies, in-vitro studies and all kinds of empirical studies on a broad range of medical topics, including endocrinology, dermatology, cardiology, gastroenterology, nephrology, hematology, hematology, rheumatology, immunology, microbiology, pathology, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, psychiatry, general surgery, neurology, and oncology. In a nutshell, the journal is open to all fields related to medicine and healthcare.

The journal is the official journal of California Institute Of Behavioral Neurosciences and Psychology and encourages CiBNP students and graduates to submit their articles to the journal. However, the journal is open for clinicians of all field across the globe. The articles whether submitted by the CiBNP students and graduates or non-CiBNP students will be processed on merit and will go through a proper peer-review process. If the reviewers consider the article unacceptable to be published by the JIMG, the article will be rejected. No personal likes and dislikes will be considered while making the decision of publication. The JIMG will follow the journal policies and operations guidelines to decide the fate of the article which is strictly merit based.

For any queries and concerns please contact neurocalcibnp@gmail.com

In a nutshell, JIMG serves all parties involved in the process of writing and publishing.

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Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024): Vol. 1 No. 1 (2024)
Published: 2024-01-30


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